Cisco uBR7200

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Cisco MAS-U7246VXR-FAN2 Refurbished


Ex Tax: $90.00

Cisco Genuine Fan Tray 2 for the Cisco UBR7246VXR Chassis.                         S..


Cisco PWR-UBR7200-AC (34-0803-01) Refurbished


Ex Tax: $60.00

The maximum AC input power is 550W unless you use a dual power supply configuration, which would make the maximum 800W. Two captive installation screws secure the power supply to the chassis and seat ..


Cisco uBR-MC28U Refurbished Modem Card


Ex Tax: $275.00

The Cisco uBR7200 Series MC28U Broadband Processing Engine is a cable line card that features dedicated media access control layer hardware. It also offers two downstream modulators, an integrated eig..


Cisco uBR-MC88V Refurbished


Ex Tax: $3,900.00

Cisco uBR-MC88V is a line card for the Cisco uBR7200 Universal Broadband Router. It supports several capabilities to cost-effectively deliver high-bandwidth, carrier-class IP-based data, voice, and vi..


Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G1 Refurbished


Ex Tax: $200.00

Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G1 takes advantage of the microprocessors specifically designed for data networking applications. This combines many of the critical components of a network device onto a single piec..


Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G2 Refurbished


Ex Tax: $800.00

With Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine, service providers can now take advantage of the enhanced performance and scalability, making the performance of the uBR7200-NPE-G2 double that of t..


Cisco uBR7225VXR Refurbished Router


Ex Tax: $2,850.00

Cisco uBR7225VXR Universal Broadband Router is an inexpensive, mid-level entry CMTS for cable operators that require a higher capacity platform than the Cisco uBR7100 Series but do not require the lar..


Cisco uBR7246VXR Refurbished Router


Ex Tax: $375.00

Cisco UBR7246VXR CMTS chassis represents a broadband routing platform which enables scalability and easy expansion of the system in the future. Chassis enables installation of two independent pow..

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